Monday, February 2, 2009

Of Bloggers and Writers

Its been some four or five years since I first heard of the blogging concept..Initially, I felt it was meant only for the erudite; people who could write well,were passionate about writing and those who had lots of opinions about the tiniest of the issues that struck the world (well its one quality i have always envied, mainly cause it evolves from extensive reading.. but anyways I have always ended up being neutral to most of the things that are unrelated to me..
However, things have changed since then (no.. not me being non-opinionated but my feelings about blog writers)...Its been a while since the blogging trend has set in here in India (I dunno about the rest of the world) And, now we have every tom dick and harry indulging in the blogging activity ..yes that includes me too (*embarrassed*) and that is what gets me to write about this entire blogging mania. I can't boast of having read too many blogs but from whatever I have come across I can presumably state that there are these four main type of bloggers:

a. The Opinionated Addicts- Well as the name suggests these people always have some views to share regarding everything that happens in their city,state,country, neighbouring country and their neighbours and so on..whether it is Satyam's falling reputation or the recent terror attacks you can always rely on them to share their thoughts on the same on their respective blogs.. Well yes some of them are really good at it and I do appreciate a certain few (visit for proof)

b. The Hit by the Blogging Syndrome - These are the "I dont know why do I have a blog" ones.. they are the ones who do not really have any substantial matter to share but yes they write cos their friends write and their friends write cos their friends write.. phew!! here ull come across a whole bunch of non-writers who write on anything from movies to their daily lives to some philisophical melodrama..(God save us)

c. The Subject followers - These are my favourite ones.. they are the people who write only about the one subject that matters to them (e.g- capital markets, the fashion industry etc) being a marketing student is one of my personal favourites. They are mostly learned professors of professionals and their blogs are the ones that make the most sense.

d. The Dear Diary Writers - These are the ones who use the blog medium to write about their daily lives and vent their anger,desire and depression in the form of mystical prose and poems. And the worst is when they make it public and publicise it (I mean if its a personal diary why share it with anyone at all??).

Well, I do not know which one of the above do I classify into but I want to maintain a different stand here (oh yeah!! ;p) I am here purely to improvise on my writing skills.. and yes the three comments on my first post have been very encouraging. Thank you! :p

P.S - I'll try to be a lil more regular with my writing. Cya till then.