Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cupcakes - Can't get enough of them!

You know the stuff that dreams are made of? Yes  like beautiful pastel drapes, candy coloured walls, fresh lilies and cupcakes. Yes cupcakes! They are my latest fascination. These tiny little things, just melt in your mouth and the buttery, not so sugary and a little salty icing leaves a satisfied taste behind. I can just keep gobbling them. But my head that counts the calories does not allow me too.

So I've tried a lot of places and the three mentioned below are my absolute favourites: (Please note list is restricted only to Mumbai)

Guilt Trip, Khar West 

Image source: Guilt Trip Facebook page

The best that i liked: Ferrero Rocher cup cake
Anything else:  Also, try their Oreo cup cakes, they have a lot of minis priced at just Rs 20 so keep trying till you find your sweet spot. They also stock a lot of bakery items but not tried them as yet. Although everything looks good and is packaged well.

Le 15, Phoenix Mills

Image Source: Le 15 website
The best that i liked: The Vanilla cup cake
Anything else:  Although, this place is more known for its macaroons (it is almost the place that introduced macaroons to Mumbai), their cupcakes are also oh so soft yummylicious. Try their Belgian chocolate cupcakes as well. No matter what you pick up you are sure to love it and come back asking for more.

Sweet Desire, Bandra West

The best that i liked: Red velvet cup cake
Anything else:  Apart from the red velvet cup cake the rest are quite average. But do try their mud cake its really spongy and chocolaty.

Do let me know your favourite cupcake places. Would love to try them.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Colorbar Enchanting Trio – Feeling Blue Palette Review & Swatches

I was gifted this palette as a part of my birthday gift by my ex- boss (Yes, such bosses do exist and some of us are lucky enough to have them). I love eye shadow palettes and prefer buying palettes to single colours as I believe that more the colours more the fun. And this is my first Colorbar palette. The Feeling Blue palette is a trio of metallic grey, light blue and a dark smokey blue.

The palette comes in sleek, classy metallic box with a tiny brush applicator. The brush helps in smooth application, although it is tiny and therefore a little difficult to hold and have a good grip. This palette is packaged in a small carton box which also mentions which colour is to be applied on which part of the eye.

This was one difficult product to photograph as the box is super reflective.

Although, the palette is named as “Feeling Blue” the colours will make you feel anything but that. They are so gorgeous and electric, that they are sure to drive away any blues you are feeling. The colours come together to remind you of the deep blue sea.

They are not only vibrant in the box but also when applied. The colours are velvety smooth to apply and are richly pigmented. The pigments look rich enough in just around 2 strokes (as seen here in the swatches). And there were minimum fallouts. My eyelids are not very oily and hence the colour didn’t crease for a long time and lasted long.

Here is quick look I created using only these 3 colours,the colours remind me of dreamy mermaid-y eyes.

I have used the three colours in the following way:

 INR 550/-

My take on it:
The Colorbar Enchanting Trio is a great buy because of its rich, smooth pigment and minimum fallouts. Thus functionally it is a dream to work with. However this particular blue shaded palette is not meant for those looking for soft, light day wear usage. Buy this to create all out glamorous looks. Or alternatively use the individual colours to fill up only the lid or just line the lashes.

Since, this is my first full fledged review. Do feel free to give me your feedback in terms of pictures and the swatches.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

I see creamy pastels and fruity sorbet colours - Latest Accessories haul

I know I know it is the season for colours like burgundy, berry, deep maroons and wine red. And sorbets and pastels are so last season, right? But you can't blame a girl for still going back to the latter, can you? They've just too hard to resist!

Here's the breakdown of my latest accessory buys.

Offlate, I'm really into earrings. Not the long dangling ones as they don't go with all western wear. (Yes for my Indian wear I still prefer my long dangling jhumkaas). But the classy studs. They instantly make any outfit look classy. Don't you think?
Beige and Pink earrings from Aldo Accessories INR 450

Mint green and Lavendar earrings from Aldo Accessories INR 350 for a set of two pairs

I wanted a purse that functions as a clutch, a sling bag and a shoulder purse depending on my outfit and my mood and it should also match any outfit.Tough criteria to meet na? But it was just my luck that I got this pink beige and tan purse with an adjustable strap that meets all my criteria. And doesn't it look cute too?
Pink Beige and Tan purse from a local Bandra store INR 895

And the last one, a nail paint that is subtle (just cos I have a lot of brights and neons already). You know something that is between nude and peach. Yeah! That's the colour I wanted.

Lakme True Wear N237  INR 85

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Yes! We know you love your partner

It makes me cringe. It annoys me. A lot! This PDA (public display of affection for the uninitiated) on Social Media. Let's just call it SDA. I mean, no one really believes in keeping their personal life, personal anymore. Isn't it?  
Let me give you’ll an example to elaborate on this:

Wife writes on Husband’s wall: “Hi darling Happy New year to us! May we have a great year ahead”

I mean really? He’s your husband. Go and wish him personally, if he is not with you pick up the phone and call him. For all you may know the couple must have already wished each other but yet to show it to the rest of the world that they love each other a lot, they feel the need to put it Facebook too!

Image Source

And it’s not just communicating with each other on social media that bothers me. Whatever they do for each other in real life is also out there in the open on Facebook for everyone else to see and appreciate. Whether it is setting up a brunch table for one’s husband, or the gifts that one buys for his partner, or complimenting one’s wife on her cooking, it’s all there much publicised by means of display pictures and Facebook statuses. These things sometimes make me feel as if everything that is done is done for garnering attention and praise not from the partner but from everyone else.

Forget Facebook, I'm subjected to it on BBM also (Blackberry messenger). Irrespective of the fact whether the person to whom the status\display picture is being dedicated to is there on BBM to read it or not.

Agree there’s no harm in doing it. But my question is why? Do you want your friends and family to acknowledge your love for each other? Do you need attention/compliments/recognition about how you make the world’s best husband/wife? Do you want us to feel jealous? Do you want to invoke the “oh wish my husband/wife did the same for me” feeling in us?

Whatever it is, the whole lovey dovey act is really annoying. And wish people grow out of it and spare us the mushiness and restrict their love and affection between themselves. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

End of season sale haul

So its that time of the year when every girl's wish gets granted as she finds out that all her favourite brands are on sale. It is the time for the end of season sale.

I tried visiting in the first week of the sale and found quite a few things.Some things that I wanted and some I just bought like that.

(My camera is not too good and hence Ive added some effects to make the pictures look pretty.No not Instagram but another simple online photo editing tool called Pixlr

I wanted a basic grey coloured top that I can wear with all my coloured pants besides white and black ( You see I have mint green, coral and turquoise) so you can imagine my happiness when I finally found it. Bought it  at Mango for INR 990. 

These two tops I bought from Chemistry. Both are styles I don't have (read peter pan collar and batwing sleeves). Price INR 1360 for both

Love the heart print. Here's a close look

The heartprint of the top
My current white shrug is a little worn out so I wanted something to replace it. I was eyeing this cream lace shrug at Veromoda but thought it's too expensive. Priced at INR 1060 even in the sale I was almost about to not buy it till my friend insisted. And the belt was out of necessity. Loved the lilac! Bought it INR 395


This is all of my sale shopping. Planning to go buy some more. What did you'll shop this sale season? Would love to know.

Wedding Hairstyles - The Side Swept Ponytail - Updated

In my earlier post about hair colouring I had mentioned that I won a hair styling session at Jean Claude Biguine from Grazia. And what timing. This winter, I have a lot of weddings/engagements to attend. And have decided to use the voucher for my cousin's engagement. I am wearig a Seagreen Mysore silk saree (the same one that I had bought from Bangalore) with a dull gold blouse and statement red and turquiose necklace. (I know I sound really excited. But, I love dressing up for weddings and plan my looks weeks in advance:p).

So getting back to the hair styling, I'm thinking I should try something different and not the regular blow dry (which Ive tried zillion times, and why go to Biguine for that when your local parlour wali can do that, right?). So after looking up for some hairstyles on the net I've zeroed in on the side swept ponytail with curls. My hair has grown pretty long ( about 5 inches from the shoulder). So i think the curls will look good.

Here are the references I have shortlisted to show to my stylist:

Pony with curls;  Image Source

A slightly simple one; Image Source

With a twist at the back; Image Source

One more; Image source

Will update this post with my own pic when I get the styling done. Do leave your suggestions in my comment box. Also, links to your own post in case you have tried something similar (or different). I would love to know.


Here's how it looked on me. gave the first pic as refernce to my stylist at Jean Claude Biguine . Was really happy with the outcome. What say you?
Not very clear. But you can see the hair.

Monday, January 14, 2013

TV shows for the girly girl!

I am really having withdrawal symptoms as my favourite show Bigg Boss ended yesterday. The makers ensured that season was Alag che as they had promised it to be. Even the most dullest of the characters came alive because of the twist and turns the show had this time. Those who didn't watch it really missed an Indian show being as interesting in terms of the format as any other American\English show. 

Now that it has ended I've stocked up on a lot of other non Indian shows that I need to catch up on. I;m not much of a thriller/action of a person. Though I like watching thriller/suspense movies. But when it comes to TV shows i like my dose of drama (should i say teen drama *embarassed*) and comedy. yes, I'm one of those girly girls. Thought will share my list with you'll :

New Girl Season 2

Jess a twenty something school teacher, rents a place with 3 bachelors after breaking up with her boyfriend. The show trails the dynamics between the 4 of them. 

What I like it for

Jess's quirkiness and the chemistry between her and Nick (oooh).

IMDB ranking


Gossip girl Season 6
I know I'm too late for this and thanks to twitter I already know the climax and who Gossip girl finally is but what the heck who cares I never saw the show for its plot but only for the clothes and the makeup. Being a girl didn't stop me from drooling over serena's long legs or Blair's oh so cute face!

What I like it for
Serena & Blair. Need I say more?

IMDB ranking

Modern family Season 4
A family that is normal but yet unusual.I feel this is one of those rare shows that improve season after season. This gets funnier and better with season 4.

What I like it for
Gloria for her spanish accent. (Whatever she says sounds funny). Manny for his over matured talks. Cam (he's adorable).Luke for being so smartly dumb!

IMDB ranking

2 broke girls season 2

2 broke girls Max and Caroline meet while waitressing at a diner and decide to stay together and start a cupcake business and become BFFs on their way. 

What I like it for

Max's spunk and Caroline's worldliness.

IMDB ranking

Have you seen any of these shows? Do let me know what do you'll think? Also, please add to my list. 

Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola - Review

The plot (no spoilers I promise)
Mandola (Pankaj Kapoor) has made a pact with Minister\politician (Shabana Azmi) to marry off his daughter Bijlee(Anushka Sharma) to her son Badal (Aryan Babbar). Through this pact Mandola seeks clearance for his dream factory plan much against the farmers wishes and the politician eyes his wealth.
Matru played by Imran Khan is a character that plays Mandola's help and is also pivotal in creating some twists in the movie.

The cast
Pankaj Kapoor delivers an excellent performance although his drunken Haryanvi accent gets a little difficult to understand at times. Anushka sharma does not have much to do but gives her best in all her scenes and is remarkably good in her druken scene (yes there's a lot of alcohol involved in the movie). As for Imran Khan, clearly this is the best role that he has got till date in terms of exploring his potential.

Shabana Azmi and Aryan Babbar are successful in playing their evil and dumb characters respectively.They are all ably supported by the rest of the cast.

The music

Except for the peppy title track Oh Boy Charlie is the only one that manages to catch one's attention.

What I thought
The movie has been marketed as a dark comedy. However there's not much of humour and at times it falls flat. Mainly because most of the jokes and punchlines were revealed in the promos only.The movie takes a lot of time to pick up pace and once it is set we are already almost towards the end. Somehow the story comes across as loose and the impact of the social message is lost.
But it has its plus points in terms of the fabulous art direction and Vishal Bharadwaj's efforts to keep it rustic and true to life.

My Rating
time pass it is..not great

Rating - o - meter
Fultoo paisa vasool
You must must watch this one
Oh hmm .. you know, you can watch it once
Time pass it is..not great
What a waste of time..couldn't sit through

Did any of you watch it? What did you'll think? Would love to hear your take. lease write back to me in comments box.

Monday, January 7, 2013

A luxuriously affordable honeymoon in Bali

A honeymoon just like the wedding is special and comes just once in a lifetime. Thus, one wants it to be perfect. Yet there are so many restrictions like the budget, the duration and the kind of place (hill-y or beaches or historical etc). For us the biggest constraints were the budget and the duration while planning our honeymoon. I had a certain few places in mind (read Turkey, Greece and Maldives) but they didn't quite seem to fit the bill.

My husband wasn't too choosy about the kind of place and left all the planning on me as I seemed more excited about it. The only thing I was sure about was that i did not want to go to any of the cliched places and it had to be a place that no one I knew had gone for their honeymoon. So i searched and searched and decided on Bali. Because, it fit our budget, duration and the "unique place" criteria

The other thing that was I knew was that I didn't want to go to a travel agent and get a fixed commercialized itinery. After all, it was my honeymoon, something personal. How can I let a stranger decide where to go and what sight seeing to do and where to stay. Also, these travel agents usually recommend very commercial places and hotels and I wanted to stay in small but luxurious boutique-y type of a place. So after reading and researching on Wikitravel and TripAdvisor this is how I planned my trip.

All the rates mentioned may have changed as I went for the trip in Dec 2011.


Airfare - INR 37,000 per ticket from Mumbai to Denpasar, Bali Malaysia Airlines ( no non stop flights available from Mumbai to Bali)Within Bali, we had hired a taxi to take us around. Lot of on the spot bargain deals available. No need for prior booking. Hotel provided airport transfers on paying extra charges


Indians are given visa on arrival on valid passports and payment of USD 50. Keep some spare dollars as they ask you to pay some charges on departure as well

Places Covered:

Ubud (for 3 days) : Calm, serene, green,non touristy. This is how I would describe Ubud the best. Also made famous by the movie Eat, Pray, Love

Seminyak (for 3 days): We chose Seminyak over Kuta as it belongs to the same bracket (known for shopping and nightlife) but is better, less crowded and more sophisticated


As I mentioned earlier, I wanted something boutique-y which was luxurious in its own way and yet pocket friendly.

Ubud: We chose Allam Indah. All rooms are beautiful,huge, the decor has a Bali touch, nothing modern about it (no TV also). Since, the concept of the resort was to be secluded and close to nature it is not very centrally located. But they provide shuttle services to the main street and market which was very very convenient and helpful. Our room lily was affordably priced at $65+ tax per night


Seminyak: Uma Sapna Villas. When in Bali. Skip normal hotel rooms and opt for a private villa with personal pool and garden and the works. What is surprising is that both are priced on par. Uma Sapna is very contemporarily designed, spacious, centrally located and moderately priced. We chose the smallest villa to suit our pockets and they were priced at $120 + taxes per nightBoth the options chosen by us are ranked very high by all the reviewers on Tripadvisor. Agoda also provides some good deals.

Image Courtesy:

Things to do:

For a quick snapshot you can check out my pinboard here

  • Ubud market- Shop for silver jewellry, trinkets and handicrafts
  • Mt batur - active volcanic mountain a must. Also follow it up with lunch at restuarants facing it
  • Monkey Forest
  • Various temples
  • Rice terraces - will be found all across the interiors of Bali
  • Spices and coffee plantations
  • Also make time for a spa while u are there as Seminyak will be expensive

Mount Batur

Coffee tasting @ plantations


More popular for its swish restaurants, nightlife and shopping:
  • Tanah Lot for sunset
  • Uluwatu temple
  • Seminyak square for shopping
  • Prana spa - Check out the morrocon themed decor. Has also won some awards
  • Jimbaran beach - for water sports and sunset dinner for sea food lovers
Tanah Lot Sunset

For us the availability of vegetarian food was a strict criteria while selecting the restaurant which wasn't so difficult as Bali has ample options for the same:
  • Lotus cafe
  • Buddha bar
  • Little India
Pond inside Lotus cafe

  • Zula - nice mexican and medditaranean food
  • Queens Tandoor - Indian food


Rock Bar - Situated on a cliff, a part of Ayaana resort. Its a must visit. The resort itself is also very beautifully done. While we were at the resort we were also lucky enough to witness a Balinese wedding.

Image courtesy:

Potato beach club - for it quirky window walls. A huge huge club. Every place in Bali is huge (the real estate must be very cheap there)

Image courtesy:

Dining at Potato Beach Club

Also, ask your hotel help desk for the latest bars as new places keep springing up in Seminyak

Hope this information helps you while planning your honeymoon. If you have any queries you can leave them in my comments box and I shall try to answer them.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

L'oreal, Forest essentials, Bigelow, Maybelline & More - Latest beauty buys

Last month I bought a lot of beauty and makeup products. The beauty products purely out of need and the makeup well, I have a lot of weddings to attend this season so what better excuse to indulge in some.

Here's what I bought

Forest Essentials Kashmiri Saffron & Neem Facial Cleanser + Panchpushp Facial Toner

I love Forest Essentials. Ever since, I first started using these products two to three years back I haven't used any other brand for my facial care. I say "facial" because these products are expensive. Very expensive. Thus, cannot afford to use them over the rest of my body. But I am completely hooked to their face washes, daily lotion, toners and night treatment creams.These products filled with the goodness of nature's best are purely organic and contain no chemicals whatsoever. This was the first thing that appealed to me when I first bought them after reading the founder's interview in a magazine.No wonder the brand is positioned as Luxurious Ayurveda.

Price: Face Cleanser - INR 875
           Face Toner - INR 945

C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve  (Lip Balm)

This product is my discovery of the moment. I am so happy with this product. This was actually not a buy but gifted to me by a colleague a very senior one. This is not available in India was bought by her from the USA. While gifting she said that she and her family are big fans of this product and nothing heals chapped lips more than this salve (balm). The text on the pack says it can be applied on the face, lips, knees etc but I use it only for lip care. My lips get chapped throughtout the year (not just the winters) and I have tried everything from Vaseline, Himalaya, Neutrogena, Burt Bees to Body shop but nothing has helped me as much as this.
Lips after applying the balm
Price: Available in the USA around $5

Loreal Trumatch Rosy Cheeks blush

This is the first time I have bought a Lorea blush. This season I wanted to try some coralish blush and this product works as a great highlighter + blush. This blends easily but only when applied over compact. else looks a little patchy.

After applying the blush
As you can see here the blush has not blended with the skin due to the lack of a base.

Price: INR 650

Loreal Tender berry Lipstick

Just like the Coral blush, I was also on the lookout for the perfect light pink meets baby pink meets natural pink. I tried a lot of shades from Maybelline, Chambor, MAC etc but this one suited and looked the best on my yellow toned skin.

The colour as you can see looks a little dark, but when worn looks much lighter on the lips

Colour looks darker on the hand than on the lips

Perfect shade of Baby Pink
I also like the fact that it lasts long.

Price: INR 900

Maybelline 24 hr Color Tattoo - Edgy Emerald
Coincidentally I have a lot of green in my Indian outfits this time around. And thus, I needed a shade of green  eyeshadow that would not only match well with my outfits but would also not make me look monstrous. I saw this, tried it, liked it and bought it. The best part about Maybelline is that they are constantly reinventing their products and all of them are reasonable. So if a particular product does not suit one well, one does not feel so bad about not using them enough.What I didn't like much about this is that the product does not glide very smoothly and being creamish in texture it does not blend well when used with other (for example gold) eyeshadows.

Price INR 350