Thursday, February 7, 2013

Zumbaaaaa!! My favourite workout!

When I first heard the word Zumba I thought it must be some Latino american dance form I guess I mistook it for Rumba. Then I googled it. I guess I wasn't completely wrong. Wikipedia describes it as "Zumba Fitness or the Zumba Program is a Colombian dance fitness program created by dancer and choreographer Alberto "Beto" Perez during the 1990s."

But after reading this I got even more confused what does a dance fitness program mean and then there were a lot of sites talking about Zumba fitness party etc which did nothing but add to my confusion. Although,all the while I knew it is some kind of a workout. I was still intrigued. All the hype, buzz and the mystique around it really helped me in making up my mind and I decided to try it out.

Luckily for me I discovered that a studio very close my house conducts Zumba classes. Immediately, I enrolled for the trial class and enjoyed it so much that I enrolled and paid up for the next 3 months. Today I've finished those 3 months and think will continue for a longer period.I used to feel so exhausted in the beginning now I think I can go on working for an hour easily without panting that much. Those of you still seeking the meaning, here goes my version of what Zumba is "It is nothing but choreographed dance steps that involve high energy (very jumpy) almost similar to Aerobics thus, making it an effective workout routine."

The video below from Youtube will help you understand more.

Since, it is more about dance the entire atmosphere is so lively and bubbbling with energy. We usually do Zumba on all the latest new age clubbing songs and thus, one gets to workout and also enjoy the music. At the end of the class I feel refreshed and full of positive energy. And the best thing about it is that the steps are so simple almost like exercise that any non dancer can also do it easily. Infact, even if you miss a turn you can easily pick up by just following others. And yes the most important thing - since it is an hour long only cardio workout it helps in losing those inches too!

I know I sound like an ad for Zumba. More like those before and after testimonial Teleshopping ads that they show on TV, right? But believe me I'm just happy because I've finally found the perfect workout routine for myself. (I've tried yoga and gymming and hate both 'cos they are so boring.)

So those of you who practice Zumba. Below are some of the latest songs that We are working out on incase you'll wanna try:

Enrique - I finally found you

Muqabla - From the Hindi feature film ABCDE

Thrift Shop - By Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (This is my latest favourite, love the hip hop beats)

Breakup Party - By Yo Yo Honey Singh

Lat lag gayee - From the Hindi feature film Race 2 (love dancing on Hindi songs)

So what do you think about Zumba? What's your favourite workout? What do you love dancing to?

Do leave me a note. :)


  1. Hey gorgeous! I love the blog :) If you have any time would you be able to check out mine? I just uploaded a post about my trip to Nepal which I really want to share with the world.

    Thankyou! x

  2. Zumba is the best work out ever!! i hate exercise coz it's so boring but Zumba is the opposite :) it's a great way to learn some dances too :)

    i love your blog!

    I hope you're having a beautiful day ~ XO

  3. Really like ur banner...can't take my eyes off the cupcake!
    I want to try out Zumba too but there are no classes near my house :(

  4. That´s really a great workout! Have a great weekend <3<3

  5. I used to do Zumba while I was in Delhi... Its an amazing workout with little effort wala effort and lots of fun esp on days when going to gym seems dreadful... :)

    1. Ya you bet Zumba is a lot more fun then regular gymming or Yoga

  6. I love Zumba too! I still get really exhausted at the end though.. It's a really fun and fit workout! :)
    Happened to come across your blog, read a few posts and love it! Following you now :)

  7. am a yoga and running loyalist!!

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