Sunday, March 3, 2013

Kai Po Che - Movie review

I have been totally missing from the blogging scene and the only reason I have is things got a lil busy at work with some travel also involved. But I am back with a lot of ideas for my next few blog posts. To begin with here's a review of one of the latest movies I saw.
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The plot ( No spoilers I promise)
Based on the book "3 mistakes of my life" by Chetan Bhagat, this film revolves around the stories of three best friends Omi (Amit Sadh), Govind (Raj Kumar) and Ishaan (Sushant Singh) who live in Gujarat. The good for nothing friends decide to start a cricket shop and dream of making it big someday. The film then takes you through their life struggles and how the various crisis that Gujrat faced impacted their lives.

The cast
I read somewhere that the director Abhishek Kapoor was planning to cast established stars but sadly no one was interested. But that in my opinion is one of the best things that couldve happened to the movie. Since, all three are actors are relatively not so known you forget that they are actually actors in the middle of the movie as they blend so well into their characters. The casting is perfect. The camaraderie is so good that one starts believing that the actors are actually good friends. Amrita Puri as Vidya, Isaan's sister plays a stereo typical role, but provides the right amount of freshness in a male dominated film.

The music
Unlike many other movies, the songs here do not stall the story. The music here is used to establish the characters, set the pace and not just as music videos. Amit Trivedi scores high yet again with some very memorable numbers. The song I particularly liked is Manjha. So beautifully written and inspirational.

What I thought

To begin with I never really liked the book for a lot of reasons, like its got an all male protagonists  it is centered around politics and cricket. Two topics that are not really close to my heart. But the promos of the movie looked really promising.And it is also very interesting to see how well a movie is adapted from a book. Even though  the movie has everything that it takes to be a good movie, somehow all these things don't come along well.

The first half is just too and drags. The last half an hour is the only time you feel that the movie grabs your attention. Also, the story in the book is well paced. But since, the director has tried to include everything in the 2 hours of the movie it comes across as a bit of a hotch potch. 

My Rating

Oh hmm .. you know, you can watch it once

Rating - o - meter

Fultoo paisa vasool
You must must watch this one
Oh hmm .. you know, you can watch it once
Time pass it is..not great
What a waste of time..couldn't sit through

Did any of you watch it? What did you'll think? Would love to hear your take. Do write back to me in comments box.


  1. I watched this movie yesterday and I also think it is one time watch definitely.

  2. Wow..finally u r back. Nice review. I havent seen the movie yt, but i think now i will.
    even i love the song..Manjha.
    keep blogging.

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