Friday, May 2, 2014

Where to get nose piercing in Mumbai?

Remember my post from here? I've been wanting to get my nose pierced since eons. The only reason I was resisting is not because I wasn't convinced of the idea but because of two reasons a) I was scared it may react badly and will leave a scar on my face. b) I was looking for the perfect place to get it done. I wanted a place where they do gun shot piercing and was hygienic,experienced and safe.

After asking a few people I shortlisted on these 3 places:

  • Al's at Bandra  - This is the place where I got my tattoo done. And was considering going there,but I got mixed reviews about this place for piercing
  • Le Bijou at Bandra - Recommended by a friend. But this place is really tiny and, also my friend had gone there a long time ago hence was not sure how well do they do it now
  • Cutis Clinic at Bandra - Recommended by an aunt who had gone there to fix her earlobe piercing. This place is a skin clinic and they have trained people on board, super hygienic and professional. Thus this was the place i decided to go to. Click on the name and you can see their website and some pictures of their clinic.

The experience

Having taken a prior appointment for me and a friend, the clinic sent me a message to confirm the same and a reminder on the day of the appointment. After arriving at the clinic, they seated us and asked us to fill a form , post which they took our profile pictures for their record.

They then escorted us to a room where they rested uson reclining chair. The doctor/skin expert came in and helped us decide the exact position on the nose where the piercng would take place with the help of a red marker. She then placed the tiny swarovski stud in the gun and shot it in my nose. I'll be honest here. I was dumb for a split second. It felt like a sudden THUD on the nose as if someone's hit you really hard on it. And there is after pain as well, which lasted for two days. But the expert was quite comforting and did try to console us saying it'll subside.

We were then each given an anti septic gel  to apply on our nose for a week so there is no skin reaction to the piercing (I also regularly applied oil  on the piercing to make the stud loose, on my mom's advice).

My first selfie post piercing!
Overall I was quite satisfied with this place and would recommend it to anyone who wants to get piercing done.

Fees Charged: A little expensive compared to what other places charge- INR 2000 inclusive of the titanium swarovski nose stud. 


  1. Wow! Nice! I've always wanted to get a nose piercing myself but I'm a little hesitant for the same reasons you listed. The piercing looks great on you! :)


  2. Great tips! Congrats on getting the piercing!
    Keep in touch

  3. It looks really great on you. I am a chicken shit. I am so scared of the pain.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  4. I remember watching my sisters get it done with the same method! It just looked so scary! It looks great on you :)

    Yasmeen x

    1. Hi Yasmeen!

      yes it is quite scary and painful..
      Thank u for the compliment!

  5. That must be painful but it looks nice on you!! Thank you for your comment, would you like to follow each other on gfc and bloglovin? Please let us know
    a beautiful maison

  6. its been 7 years i am wearing nose ring and i love it, its has become now one of my necessity :D

  7. I got it done at a tattoo place in Baltimore in 2009(so 5 years now!)- it was so quick - i think I felt pain for 2 seconds. The healing time is when i felt slightly throbbing pain. Great tip on applying the oil!
    Its become such a part of me that I cant imagine my face w/o it.

    Looks fab on you!

  8. My mom's kinda anti towards getting my nose I cannot really relate to the experience. But, yes indeed you look really pretty with it :) #jealousme Thank you for stopping by my work and your constant support and encouragement. It truly means a lot to me. Thank you!

  9. Personally suggestion which i would like to share is that , whenever you do nose piercing please try to use stud made of stone.

  10. i have come across ur post while doing my reasearch on nose piercing.prior i jad done four times, evry time it citis clinic good? did u have any reaction after the piercing?

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  12. Thank you for the recommendation.. this was the perfect place to get the piercing done... Since I showed fear.. the artist just tricked me into it..and ta da.. it was done

  13. Thank you for the recommendation.. this was the perfect place to get the piercing done... Since I showed fear.. the artist just tricked me into it..and ta da.. it was done

    1. How was the experience at Cutis? THeir website does not say anything about piercing so unsure if they still did it.

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  16. Hey, just wanted to check... Once the nose is healed and the hole becomes permanent and you want to change the pin how would you do that? Like are the pins out of a gun shot supposed to be hard to remove?


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