Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wishlist 2009 !!

It has been a long time since, I got some time off for myself (feels soooo good). The lil time has given me enough time for some introspection and the result is - this post of mine!! I know it is too late for a wishlist "2009!!", but what the heck!! I just started earning again and I thought I could do with some shopping here or there. What follows is a total materialistic, pocket heavy list of things that I want to buy myself (or rather spoil myself with) :

  • An ipod - Well, I own one already. But, it is rather an old model. Would like to upgrade it and if possible then will buy a pink one ;p.
  • A new phone - I have just given my Sony W580i for repairing for the nth time. This time I think I should go for Nokia. Ive already decided the model.7210 supernova it is. Unless, I decide to change my mind the last minute
  • A Swarovski ring - I just love wearing rings. Since, diamonds are totally out of my budget I think Ill settle for a Swarovski for the timing.
  • A new pair of shades - Ive been using this one pair for too long. Now, I want something with a better brand name (probably a Guess or something)
  • DKNY be delicious - And last but not the least a good fragrance. I have never ever till date bought a bottle of perfume for myself. The ones that I own are either vials, miniatures or bottles that have been gifted to be. So this one is a definite must - have. :p
That's it. Hope, I can strike off one from the above list every month; that way I'll reach my target by the end of the year!! Will keep you all updated!


  1. nice post of your wish-list.
    i think pink i-pod nano is great!

  2. Thanks!! will keep it in mind while buying it. :P

  3. Regarding your mobile phone, I think you can consider buying Blackberry Pearl Flip 8230 which has nice pink color option instead of conventional Nokia.

  4. Yeah nice one!! but too exp..and i chked pink is mostly not available in india :(

  5. yes it is expensive as compared to nokia supernova. almost double it's price. i think it should be available in black color and then you can buy the pink case for it :)


    new ipod pink! :D
    with camera/video recording.

  7. 3/6 on my wishlist too - diamond band, guess sunglasses, nokia phone...

    DKNY i already have:)

    wowie and same pinch

  8. glad you like Be Delicious! its definitely one of my favorites.

  9. @megan.. yeah i really like be delicious and guess what i really didnt have to buy one.. got it as a gift this year :)


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