Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Me, Myself & I

If you ask me what is my favourite book or what kind of books do I like to read, I would say anything that is nice, light and something that I can identify with. I am a total chick-lit fan (for those not in the know- chick lit is chick literaure for books as chick flicks is for movies). The more I read them the more I like them and the more i crave to read some more. And all of them have this one pattern that appeals me the most. The protagonist is often a strong willed lady-girl in her 20s something who loves to shop, falls in and out of love, works for a living and above all stays independently all on her own (picture Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City).

There are times when i wonder how easy or difficult it would be to stay all alone on my own. I know its going to be mostly difficult but staying alone can make life simpler too, by: a) not having anyone to answer to b) you can do your own thing without anyone coming in your way (helps! Especially during those grumpy,irritable days) c) not having anyone to keep nagging you (you can organize and clean your space at your sweet time) d) you can personalise your space the way you want it to look like (believe me i would love to have candles all around me) e)You can manage your daily chores at your own sweet time (can eat whenever hungry, no fixed time for lunches and dinner) f) And the most interesting of all: Invite friends, throw slumber parties etc whenever you want (fun!).

Well, the only way i see myself living alone is if I shift out of Mumbai since currently I stay with my family. (That would also mean i get to explore another city fully, ohhhh I can write a whole post on my love for travel. More on that later!)

Hope that this dream comes alive someday! Till then, here is something more on what I have been upto the last month:

  • I have joined the much hyped family of twitter. Now I like to call myself an HNI - highly networked individual (;p well atleast on the net!) what with facebook, linked in, my blogspot and now twitter
  • I have taken to the whims and fancies of being a farmer. Yes! Farmville has a die hard fan in me. I am totally addicted to it and keep worrying about my crops and animals all day long even at work :)


  1. living alone is a pain! you have to cook and stuff...see wake up sid if you still dont believe me :-P

  2. Yu threw quite a few surprises wid dis post...length of the post :P,imaginative usage of existing lingo(Read HNI...liked it :))and overall usage of English quite a few notches higher. Moreover the flow is as usual very coherent. i rate this as one of yr best posts.Keep giving us good stuff to read my fellow twitterati ;)

  3. I. Love. SATC.
    It's a modern and highly updated version of Alice-in-wonderland. That kinda drives you into all this living-alone-is-fun stuff. I so envy those girls.
    And keep writing often. We like reading it.

  4. heyy .. great post .. I kinda go thru the same kinda stuff once a while

  5. Well we share a dream of being away from our folks, so cheers to that

    And you too a fan of chic-lit. Double cheers

  6. . m living right now alone. And i can't describe the way i'm enjoying. I used to start my travelling in the morning with my bag carrying lots of novels and come back at middle of night, tired, half sleeping mode, dirty clothes, smelly socks, ufff... description won't end..... your post really reminded me all that....

  7. wishing you a very happy b'day! hope you got your b'day present from your wishlist! :)

  8. @anonymous..thanks a lot for the wishes.. though Im a lil curious about how u figured out my b'day..
    well you may be a lil disappointed but I could manage only two things out of my 5 wishes..i.e. the nokia phone and the be delicious perfume.. also I have kinda dropped the pink ipod from my wishlist as I dont really need one (dont end up listening to music as I have cut down on my traveling).. as for the swarovski ring and the shades Im surely gonna buy them this year :)

  9. I guessed that you might be the same Rajvi Bhow mentioned on Dhingana.

    Anyways good luck for the 2 gifts for 2010! :)

  10. well i havent lived alone..but yeah explored hostel during mba days.. and believe me dey were awesome and will always be dearly cherished by me..well one must experience staying alone/with roomies atleast once in their lifetime!!


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