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5 must have lip shades for yellow skin and my favourites

While the words "5 must have lip shades" may not sound like rocket science..I feel that finding the right shade that suits one's skin tone within "the must have shades" is a task na? Any girl who is wee bit into fashion and beauty would know what the most in or the must have lip shades. But what I find most helpful is when I come across blog posts/articles that mention shades that suit a  particular skin tone.

So I thought i'll share my bit of research with you all. I am yellow skinned, (I know most Indians are right?) but my skin has no warm tones just cool ones. And I've tried lots of reds, sometimes wasted money, by buying a particular lipstick and then not wearing it cos I feel it looks weird on my complexion. But yes! after a lot of trials I have across these 5 shades that are as distinct from each other as they can be, but yet suit my yellow coloured skin. And the best part - All of them are really affordable and super lasting as well!!

For me to judge a lip colour -a hand swatch is just not enough, because so many a times it looks different on the hands and when applied on the lips it looks different ( lip pigmentation has a role to play here you see!) and thus, I have put both hand and lip swatches for you'll to judge.

#1  A baby pink lipstick 

A baby pink shade for all those times when you want your lips to look naturally flushed. You know something that you feel like putting on when your mood is in between a sheer lip balm and a lipstick?
The one that suits me the most is - L'oreal Infallible Tender Berry. (MRP - Approx 700)
This shade when swatched on the hand looks purplish but is not! I had spoken about this lipstick in my post here. Love the texture cos its creamy and not very drying.

#2  A bright pink lipstick

Because you are a girl and you love all things pink! For those days, when you don't care what the world thinks, and want to wear pink unapologetically!
The one that suits me the most is - Maybelline Super Stay - Stay with me Coral. (MRP - Rs 450)
Is it just me who feels that this shade shouldn't have been called Coral? You can look at the pictures above and below. Everything about this lipstick screams fuschia pink. 

This pic is a lil blurry but the shade is much brighter in real                              
(Btw Revlon Just Bitten - Sweetheart comes a close second here)

#3  An orange lipstick

Image Source

When I saw this pic of Kareena's I knew I had to get an orange lipstick. Not many girls can carry off an orange lipstick. But once you find the right shade, you'll love the sunkissed effect it gives to your face.
The one that suits me the most is - Colorbar - Obssessed with Orange. (MRP - Rs 250)
Believe me you'll really get obssessed once you start using this colour. This shade just magically matches everything that I wear.It's not peach it's not coral it is orange but yet does not look stark and blends so beautifully with my skin tone. I'm totally in love with this one right now!

#4  A nude lipstick

On the days when you feel like you've all grown up and want to keep it subtle and classy!
The one that suits me the most is - Chambor - Desert Rose. (MRP -  Approx Rs 500)
I had worn this shade here with a gloss on top. Although, this shade is great and is the perfect nude for yellow skinned people without making them look tan ( a la Gauri Khan) it is slightly drying and will need a gloss to be applied to avoid making one's lips look chapped. 

#5  A red lipstick

Because it is red and everyone's wearing it!!!
The one that suits me the most is - Colorbar - Hearts & Tarts (MRP -  Rs 250)
I think when it comes to lipsticks Colorbar beats any other brand be it MAC, Revlon or Inglot! They are super lasting, super affordable and what a range! All colours are so apt for the Indian skin. I have tried many reds, reds from Indian brands as well but nothing comes close to this one when it comes to lasting power + red that suits and does not make you look cartoony/slutty.(Disclaimer: I have not tried the much acclaimed MAC Ruby Woo, but I'm happy with this one currently!)

And the customary hand swatches

So what are your favourites? Have you tried any of these? what do you think about them? Go ahead and tell me. I would love to hear!


  1. Such a nice post! I have warm toned skin but this was still helpful. In the sense, I now want to go and get that orange colour, whether it suits me or not.

    1. Ya you should still try the orange.. may suit your tone as well!

  2. Great picks for lipsticks! I love red lips as they can really dress up any outfit!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style Delights Blog

  3. nice shade.. my skin tone is also fair but yellow based... :-)

    1. Hi Shikha, The post is about yellow based skin only..

  4. I cannot thank you enough for this post! I'm running to buy an orange lipstick frm colourbar right away!!!! :D :D

  5. I love this post! The orange looks amazing!! Must.buy.soon.

  6. Love all of these on you! The pink is so pretty and I love your blue/ green eyeliner, very mermaid-y!

    Em x

  7. Thanks a LOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT--love this collection and the post too--all are my favorites!!!i have tried this shades at WWW.TAAZ.COM and they look awesome on me --they have awesome collection of Revelon products---a must have mobile app for lipstick at Apple store --https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hair-try-on-by-taaz/id569640481?ls=1&mt=8

  8. Hey Rajvi!
    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check it out here:

  9. Just love chambor desert rose. You have a nice blog following you :)

  10. I just tagged you for a blog award. Do check it out :)


  11. I like the Maybelline stay with me coral...all very pretty!
    Penny Rose

  12. You're so pretty!! You really have a very beautiful face.. I have most of the colours already :)

    But my most favourite is Radiant Red from oriflame!! It sets beautifuly on the lips..

  13. Fantastic post..n u look so gorgeous..!


  14. Lovely post! And pretty pics. You carried off the shades so well. Loved the colours, especially the loreal and chambor one. I have not tried an orange pi colour just yet, but now I am tempted. :)


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