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Girls (TV show) Review

When I wrote this post about which girly TV shows to watch, fellow bloggers Marlen and Jamie recommend saying I should watch Girls.

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The reason why it was not included in my list was because I had seen the pilot episode but somehow I was little grossed out by the in your face sex scenes,foul language etc. But then Gossip Girl ended and New girl season 2 was getting kinda boring so I thought why not give it a second chance. And boy! was I hooked. I finished watching 2 seasons in flat three days. The reason why I have still not seen the season 3 is that it is still in the making. So here's more about the show and what I like/dislike about it..

The Plot

When the Pilot was first aired a lot of publications thought it is this generation's Sex and the City. If you think about it you can't really blame them, there are indeed many common points. 4 single 20 something ladies, best friends, New york city as the backdrop, based on love, sex and relationships, protagonist is a budding writer and the list goes on. The Sex and the City comparison basically summarises the plot. I would actually call it a prelude to the actual Sex and the City as the girls here are still maturing.

Here's the trailer to give you a better idea of the storyline.

The characters

The characterization is the highlight of the show. The 4 girls although best friends couldn't have been more different from each other. Each character is so uniquely crafted.

Marnie - Perfect in everyway. Hot bod, smart, miss goody two shoes, likes the securities in life

Jessa - Bohemian by natures, dresses to reinforce that, mysterious, beautiful in an exotic way, British accented, follows her heart and as she calls herself - adventurous

Hannah - Whimsical, aspiring writer, chubby has lost some fat trying to lose some more, mostly unemployed, spunky, humorous (her character will touch you the most. She is also the writer, director of the show. No wonder she kept the best role for herself :p)

Soshana - The youngest of the lot but preaches the most, still a student, innocent, comical, pristine

Out of the male leads the character that will grew on me the most was Adam. There's something about that guy. Unconventional, crazy, but then turns into someone so sweet and caring. So somewhere from finding him hot you'll start finding him cute! I'm not putting up a picture of his because I just googled and his pics don't do justice to him!

What I liked/disliked about the show

First of all if you are an Indian, you will be shocked..culturally SHOCKED. Even if you an Indian like me who is used to watching American shows you will be Shocked, probably grossed out with the every 2 minute -there's a sex scene in your face. I for one just do not understand how is it humanly possible to have sex so randomly. But once you get over this, then you will slowly start feeling for the characters. I love Jessa's character she's so intriguing. She got pregnant last year (off screen) which is why you will see lesser of her in season 2. The fact that one sees lesser of her want's one to know her more. There are some very real moments like peeing behind the bushes while your friend is watching for you, or wanting your ex to suffer for atleast 6 long years after a breakup or even feeling betrayed by your parents when they no longer want to support you.

The show has it's humour intact, but as Marlen and Jamie would call it - it's a different side of humour, not dark, not in your face, not subtle, just different!

So go ahead and watch it and don't judge it by the pilot episode like me!


  1. Haha, I love this show. It's girly but very.. real. They don't hide away the imperfections in this one.

  2. I love that show but I love your blog even more. It is just so entertaining to read!!xo
    Follow me and I'll follow back<3

  3. My wifey is also too much into this show... lol

  4. oh my god the sex scenes are out of control in this show haha, like i'm an american living in a big city so i understand the whole flippant casual sex attitude, BUT Hannah's is overly promiscuous. but i suppose that's what you get with HBO =P And i had no idea that the actress that plays Jessa got pregnant! that definitely explains why she hasn't been on so much. She's my favorite character, I'm really curious to see what goes on with her. And one thing I didn't like about the second season was Hannah's OCD- AHHH the Q-tip part freaked me out to no end!!

    I'm glad you gave it a shot, though :D

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    1. Ya jessa is my favourite too.. love her accented voice and she's so beautiful! and yes even I don't get it why Hannah has to do it every night.. even random ppl will do..

  5. This is such a vain, shallow show! Nowhere they are depicting a realistic lifestyle of 20 something girls in new York! believe me! The 'dependent on parents' anti-establishment young generation girls who don't know what they want from life, having sex randomly to make them feel 'empowered' is only a Hollywood reality, not the mainstream American life! Good analysis from you though!

    1. hehe! I agree with you somewhere Jyoti.. they have missed out on the real struggles of the single 20 something american girls living in new york face..but then what's a tv show without some drama right?

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