Thursday, May 2, 2013

Checklist 2013

I had done a wishlist way back in 2009! When I look at that list I wonder how small my wants were..I ended up checking off most of the things from the list that year except for the Swarovski ring (which I still haven't bought!!). And I'm back again with a wishlist 4 years later (naming it checklist, because these are not exactly wishes, and definitely not a bucket list as it is restricted to this year) with bigger wants!! I guess we all just keep demanding more and more from life. So here goes - 5 things that I have to, want to and (maybe need to) do this year: 

Get my nose pierced 

When it comes to piercing, I have got my ears pierced (well not surprising since 99% of Indian girls do). Got them done when i was a kid so don't remember how bad the pain was. I also have gotten a tatto done so yes, nose piercing shouldnt be that bad. But I'm struggling to find a good jeweller who does it in Mumbai. Anyone knows anyone in Bandra or town who can do it for me? Would love to know.I plan on wearing a simple, tiny diamond stud like the one seen below not into nose rings much.

Image Source

How pretty it looks on Sonali!

Take a trip on my own

I have been wanting to do this since a long long time now. Probably since, the time I read Eat Pray Love. It may not be the best book that I have read but one thing it did was inspire me to travel on my own.. Its surprising how common it is abroad to travel alone.. but we Indians think that it's quite a looser-ish thing to do na? But really I want to take up  a trip maybe not very far and just within the country. Maybe somewhere up north in the hills not very commercial and just laze around for a week and explore. 

travel books
The book that inspired me

Get an add - on done to my tattoo

I have a small cute-sy tattoo right above my right ankle. Frankly, when I got it done I was just checking off something off my bucket list, and although I knew I wanted some pretty looking thing on my leg I didn't really put any thought to it. So now, I have something in my mind that will not just add some meaning to my tattoo but also mean something to me. Will put up pictures of this once I get it done, to explain this better.

Take a European Holiday

This is mainly because of two reasons 1) I want to go on an international holiday 2) I'm bored of Asia, have gone to Thailand, Dubai, Malaysia, Bali, Singapore so you see besides Hongkong there's not much left to see. And flying to the USA is as expensive as a full vacation. So I'm trying to plan a trip for me an my husband either to Turkey (Istanbul, Cappadocia, Izmir) or Italy (Rome, Naples , Amalfi). Keeping my fingers crossed for this one.

Image Source
Image Source

Get working on that draft 

I have an idea, not very unique, but want to put it down. And this year I better get working on it. I know many bloggers aspire to write a book someday. Ive been wanting to write one too. I don't know how good or bad it'll turn out to be. But one can always try right?

So here's my small but heavy checklist! Do you have one too?  


  1. Loved the idea of taking trip on your own. It is the best way to relax and discover your own limits. All the best :)


  2. I dnt think I will ever get my nose pierced but yes tattoo is there on my list. And rightly said we Indian are hesitant to travel alone specially when you are a girl. I can imagine my parents having sleepless nights if I ever told them that I want to travel all alone.. My dream destination is Greece.. and Dubai just to shop.. I will defiantly go there someday...

  3. ahhaaa...that is quite a list...
    hope u complete off your old wish list pretty soon and kee adding new wishes to the list as well.....


  4. Love that checklist!

    Some of the items apply to my bucket list too :)

  5. Most of these are on my list right now too, with the nose piercing on the top.. Mom's against it but I really want one! And yes, planning on getting another tattoo as well.. I think it's addictive-you get one and then want more :D

  6. interesting checklist. Eat pray love, I found it an OK read. And the diamond on nose, wow. Surely u'd look lovely

  7. That's so amazing you want to write a book- it's a feat! And I love the idea of traveling alone too. It must be amazing to do what you want when you want it, without having to coordinate with someone else. And that European getaway sounds very nice, too ;)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  8. Great list! An European holiday is on my list too this year! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  9. Italy is great! I hope you get to go! Naples is nothing special but you should make time for Pompeii/ Herculanium, both are lovely to see!

    Em x

  10. Nose piercing isnt bad - i got it done at a tattoo parlor. It was quick and pained for a total of 10 seconds.
    I've taken local trips in India alone - Blore, Pune, Delhi, Chennai... Once I just got my bus tickets put on a couple of dresses for the weekend and took off - most interesting new years eve ever!
    Tattoo artist? Hmmm I got mine done by an artist in Blore... I could give you his details if you are willing to travel ;) . He does some decent work.
    European Holiday is something I've had on my list for way too long - im about 4 yrs (and running) late there :D Paris, Greece, Rome are top on my list. And London - simply because I've had way to many stopovers and never really bothered to take the visa to visit.
    Oh and Hot Air Balloon - must try if you havent already.
    i rarely make bucket lists of things i want to do... Mostly things just happened with me at the last minute and i kinda prefer it that way.

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