Saturday, January 19, 2013

Wedding Hairstyles - The Side Swept Ponytail - Updated

In my earlier post about hair colouring I had mentioned that I won a hair styling session at Jean Claude Biguine from Grazia. And what timing. This winter, I have a lot of weddings/engagements to attend. And have decided to use the voucher for my cousin's engagement. I am wearig a Seagreen Mysore silk saree (the same one that I had bought from Bangalore) with a dull gold blouse and statement red and turquiose necklace. (I know I sound really excited. But, I love dressing up for weddings and plan my looks weeks in advance:p).

So getting back to the hair styling, I'm thinking I should try something different and not the regular blow dry (which Ive tried zillion times, and why go to Biguine for that when your local parlour wali can do that, right?). So after looking up for some hairstyles on the net I've zeroed in on the side swept ponytail with curls. My hair has grown pretty long ( about 5 inches from the shoulder). So i think the curls will look good.

Here are the references I have shortlisted to show to my stylist:

Pony with curls;  Image Source

A slightly simple one; Image Source

With a twist at the back; Image Source

One more; Image source

Will update this post with my own pic when I get the styling done. Do leave your suggestions in my comment box. Also, links to your own post in case you have tried something similar (or different). I would love to know.


Here's how it looked on me. gave the first pic as refernce to my stylist at Jean Claude Biguine . Was really happy with the outcome. What say you?
Not very clear. But you can see the hair.


  1. I loved the look of the 1st one and the 3rd one.
    Such a nice change from regular blow drys!
    Do share your pic once you get it done. :)

  2. Hey sure Swati!

    will update once I get it done. Hope it looks good on me.

  3. that's awesome you won a free session! and i LOVE the side swept pony tail- it's a nice change from the curly look

  4. I love these pictures! Beautiful hairstyles for wedding

  5. Lovely pics n perfect for a fresh girly look. Share yur pics if possible.

  6. Hey lovely style girl!!! Looks very nice on you.


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