Wednesday, January 2, 2013

L'oreal, Forest essentials, Bigelow, Maybelline & More - Latest beauty buys

Last month I bought a lot of beauty and makeup products. The beauty products purely out of need and the makeup well, I have a lot of weddings to attend this season so what better excuse to indulge in some.

Here's what I bought

Forest Essentials Kashmiri Saffron & Neem Facial Cleanser + Panchpushp Facial Toner

I love Forest Essentials. Ever since, I first started using these products two to three years back I haven't used any other brand for my facial care. I say "facial" because these products are expensive. Very expensive. Thus, cannot afford to use them over the rest of my body. But I am completely hooked to their face washes, daily lotion, toners and night treatment creams.These products filled with the goodness of nature's best are purely organic and contain no chemicals whatsoever. This was the first thing that appealed to me when I first bought them after reading the founder's interview in a magazine.No wonder the brand is positioned as Luxurious Ayurveda.

Price: Face Cleanser - INR 875
           Face Toner - INR 945

C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve  (Lip Balm)

This product is my discovery of the moment. I am so happy with this product. This was actually not a buy but gifted to me by a colleague a very senior one. This is not available in India was bought by her from the USA. While gifting she said that she and her family are big fans of this product and nothing heals chapped lips more than this salve (balm). The text on the pack says it can be applied on the face, lips, knees etc but I use it only for lip care. My lips get chapped throughtout the year (not just the winters) and I have tried everything from Vaseline, Himalaya, Neutrogena, Burt Bees to Body shop but nothing has helped me as much as this.
Lips after applying the balm
Price: Available in the USA around $5

Loreal Trumatch Rosy Cheeks blush

This is the first time I have bought a Lorea blush. This season I wanted to try some coralish blush and this product works as a great highlighter + blush. This blends easily but only when applied over compact. else looks a little patchy.

After applying the blush
As you can see here the blush has not blended with the skin due to the lack of a base.

Price: INR 650

Loreal Tender berry Lipstick

Just like the Coral blush, I was also on the lookout for the perfect light pink meets baby pink meets natural pink. I tried a lot of shades from Maybelline, Chambor, MAC etc but this one suited and looked the best on my yellow toned skin.

The colour as you can see looks a little dark, but when worn looks much lighter on the lips

Colour looks darker on the hand than on the lips

Perfect shade of Baby Pink
I also like the fact that it lasts long.

Price: INR 900

Maybelline 24 hr Color Tattoo - Edgy Emerald
Coincidentally I have a lot of green in my Indian outfits this time around. And thus, I needed a shade of green  eyeshadow that would not only match well with my outfits but would also not make me look monstrous. I saw this, tried it, liked it and bought it. The best part about Maybelline is that they are constantly reinventing their products and all of them are reasonable. So if a particular product does not suit one well, one does not feel so bad about not using them enough.What I didn't like much about this is that the product does not glide very smoothly and being creamish in texture it does not blend well when used with other (for example gold) eyeshadows.

Price INR 350

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