Monday, January 14, 2013

TV shows for the girly girl!

I am really having withdrawal symptoms as my favourite show Bigg Boss ended yesterday. The makers ensured that season was Alag che as they had promised it to be. Even the most dullest of the characters came alive because of the twist and turns the show had this time. Those who didn't watch it really missed an Indian show being as interesting in terms of the format as any other American\English show. 

Now that it has ended I've stocked up on a lot of other non Indian shows that I need to catch up on. I;m not much of a thriller/action of a person. Though I like watching thriller/suspense movies. But when it comes to TV shows i like my dose of drama (should i say teen drama *embarassed*) and comedy. yes, I'm one of those girly girls. Thought will share my list with you'll :

New Girl Season 2

Jess a twenty something school teacher, rents a place with 3 bachelors after breaking up with her boyfriend. The show trails the dynamics between the 4 of them. 

What I like it for

Jess's quirkiness and the chemistry between her and Nick (oooh).

IMDB ranking


Gossip girl Season 6
I know I'm too late for this and thanks to twitter I already know the climax and who Gossip girl finally is but what the heck who cares I never saw the show for its plot but only for the clothes and the makeup. Being a girl didn't stop me from drooling over serena's long legs or Blair's oh so cute face!

What I like it for
Serena & Blair. Need I say more?

IMDB ranking

Modern family Season 4
A family that is normal but yet unusual.I feel this is one of those rare shows that improve season after season. This gets funnier and better with season 4.

What I like it for
Gloria for her spanish accent. (Whatever she says sounds funny). Manny for his over matured talks. Cam (he's adorable).Luke for being so smartly dumb!

IMDB ranking

2 broke girls season 2

2 broke girls Max and Caroline meet while waitressing at a diner and decide to stay together and start a cupcake business and become BFFs on their way. 

What I like it for

Max's spunk and Caroline's worldliness.

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Have you seen any of these shows? Do let me know what do you'll think? Also, please add to my list. 


  1. New Girl is my absolute fave, and of course I had to finish watching GG as I have been following it from the start.

    You should watch "Girls" - it is set in New York and just so awkwardly funny

  2. Hey Jamie, I did watch the Pilot episode of Girls. But it didn't catch my fancy that time.

    Will urely give it one more shot!

  3. I always feel like I go into withdrawals when my favorite show ends too! And all the ones you listed are definitely my top 5 or so shows- we have similar tastes ;) And I can't believe you don't like Girls haha that's my all time favorite. I suppose it is only for a certain type of humor.

    And I am coming to India- I'm SO excited to come here!! What part are you from? I'd appreciate any fun suggestions on what to see in the south (like lower than Goa). That's where we're starting and so far we have a lot of nature stuff planned, but I'd love to see anything historic!

  4. Hey Marlen!

    Looks like I'll really have to give Girls another shot.
    Aas for your India trip - You can try visiting Hampi in Karnataka which is very historic.

    Kerala is also know for its natural beauty and pondicherry for fun.

  5. Can't wait to watch New Girl and Gossip Girl <333 always my faves!

    Carolina + JOIN MY GIVEAWAY you can win a fab dress!

  6. Nice series, I haven't heard of the New Girl before.. And I was just watching Two broke girls on TV, what a coincidence! :D

    Thanks for visiting the other day x

    Indie by heart

  7. Might I suggest Dating Rules From My Future Self? They're mini web-isodes, all below 10 minutes and available on Hulu.

    Season One is way better than Season 2. :)


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