Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Colorbar Enchanting Trio – Feeling Blue Palette Review & Swatches

I was gifted this palette as a part of my birthday gift by my ex- boss (Yes, such bosses do exist and some of us are lucky enough to have them). I love eye shadow palettes and prefer buying palettes to single colours as I believe that more the colours more the fun. And this is my first Colorbar palette. The Feeling Blue palette is a trio of metallic grey, light blue and a dark smokey blue.

The palette comes in sleek, classy metallic box with a tiny brush applicator. The brush helps in smooth application, although it is tiny and therefore a little difficult to hold and have a good grip. This palette is packaged in a small carton box which also mentions which colour is to be applied on which part of the eye.

This was one difficult product to photograph as the box is super reflective.

Although, the palette is named as “Feeling Blue” the colours will make you feel anything but that. They are so gorgeous and electric, that they are sure to drive away any blues you are feeling. The colours come together to remind you of the deep blue sea.

They are not only vibrant in the box but also when applied. The colours are velvety smooth to apply and are richly pigmented. The pigments look rich enough in just around 2 strokes (as seen here in the swatches). And there were minimum fallouts. My eyelids are not very oily and hence the colour didn’t crease for a long time and lasted long.

Here is quick look I created using only these 3 colours,the colours remind me of dreamy mermaid-y eyes.

I have used the three colours in the following way:

 INR 550/-

My take on it:
The Colorbar Enchanting Trio is a great buy because of its rich, smooth pigment and minimum fallouts. Thus functionally it is a dream to work with. However this particular blue shaded palette is not meant for those looking for soft, light day wear usage. Buy this to create all out glamorous looks. Or alternatively use the individual colours to fill up only the lid or just line the lashes.

Since, this is my first full fledged review. Do feel free to give me your feedback in terms of pictures and the swatches.


  1. The pictures are good 'nuff. Just if possible try to take them during day or in white light. Don't use flash much. If you want , you can add two pictures of swatches ~ one with flash and the other without. Otherwise the review is fantastic, Am so impressed by the lash line shade :)

    1. Thank you Sukanya! that is very encouraging of you.

      Even I feel daylight pictures will look better.

  2. wow looks so so good.....but somehow..wen i try using blue...looks grey on me
    do you have a solution??
    do drop by..and if ud like we cud follow each other? lemme know :)

    1. Thanks for visiting!

      Lighter shades of blue do tend to look like grey. try the darker ones.

      Do follow my blog only cos you like the content.

  3. i love your post.... i think thats gonna be my next pick...

  4. Oh my! That looks amazing; I can never get my eyeshadow to look that good! Gorgeous!

  5. Am loving the way you have used the colors in the eyeshadow ..Fab and Glam !!!

  6. Dreamy mermaid eyes, bang on description! The colours look fab on you. :)


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