Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Yes! We know you love your partner

It makes me cringe. It annoys me. A lot! This PDA (public display of affection for the uninitiated) on Social Media. Let's just call it SDA. I mean, no one really believes in keeping their personal life, personal anymore. Isn't it?  
Let me give you’ll an example to elaborate on this:

Wife writes on Husband’s wall: “Hi darling Happy New year to us! May we have a great year ahead”

I mean really? He’s your husband. Go and wish him personally, if he is not with you pick up the phone and call him. For all you may know the couple must have already wished each other but yet to show it to the rest of the world that they love each other a lot, they feel the need to put it Facebook too!

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And it’s not just communicating with each other on social media that bothers me. Whatever they do for each other in real life is also out there in the open on Facebook for everyone else to see and appreciate. Whether it is setting up a brunch table for one’s husband, or the gifts that one buys for his partner, or complimenting one’s wife on her cooking, it’s all there much publicised by means of display pictures and Facebook statuses. These things sometimes make me feel as if everything that is done is done for garnering attention and praise not from the partner but from everyone else.

Forget Facebook, I'm subjected to it on BBM also (Blackberry messenger). Irrespective of the fact whether the person to whom the status\display picture is being dedicated to is there on BBM to read it or not.

Agree there’s no harm in doing it. But my question is why? Do you want your friends and family to acknowledge your love for each other? Do you need attention/compliments/recognition about how you make the world’s best husband/wife? Do you want us to feel jealous? Do you want to invoke the “oh wish my husband/wife did the same for me” feeling in us?

Whatever it is, the whole lovey dovey act is really annoying. And wish people grow out of it and spare us the mushiness and restrict their love and affection between themselves. 


  1. Totally agree! Its so irritating seeing all those status msgs on my bbm. Hubby n I both hate that. Even kids wishing their parents on fb n bbm!!! Cummon ya, they r ur parents! Or perhaps they want the world to know about the bday/anniv whatever so that the world can wish them too.

  2. I completely agree with you...all these personal msgs on social media annoy me too...
    Can you believe I have come across people who post comments signing off as a word they form by joining their names..you know like brangelina, saifeena...

  3. Hahaha @Aparajita, you'll be surprised to know I have seen the same instances happening too!

    Guess there are a lot many such couples out there.

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  5. Thank you so much for your interest in my blog!

    There is a subscribe by email option on the left side on my blog. All you have to do is enter your email and verify it to get updates.

    Besides in case you are there on twitter you can follow me there. I always tweet about my blog updates! :)

  6. lol nice one...

    to top it all you can also find a horde of people liking and commenting on such posts...

  7. Couldnt agree with you more babe- we live in an age described by the social media- so much so- that if i have a lose stool- facebook will know b4 my doctor!

  8. I completely agree with you! OMG... someone save us from this PDA on social media. I do NOT want to know what the wife made for dinner for her darling husband and whether they had "wine and more" after that. Torture.

  9. @24 frames you bet, I don't understand what a third person finds interesting about what a couple does for each other

  10. @Stutee ya it's like all of us need attention and acknowledgement about everything we do.

  11. @Anya I've seen the dinner posts too and the husband updates his status by saying "my wife makes the best burgers/dessert blah blah" etc lol!


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